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Business Segments About us
Sedar Trading Your current location: Home > Business Segments > Sedar Trading
Sedar Company started trading fuel oil and has good reputation in domestic market due to its focus on bringing highest value to customer, excellent team work and expansion of trade volume in successive years. After years of continuous development, oil trade has transformed from single trade into integrated trade, and now into trade financing.    
Chengdu CentralAsia International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Chengdu CentralAsia International Logistics Co., Ltd. is a specialized international logistics company approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce. Founded in 2009 with Class-A qualification in international freight forwarder and is a member of Sichuan International Freight Forwarders Association. Relying on the Eurasia Land...    [View details]
Sedar Petroleum & Natural Gas Deverlopment (Sichuan) Co.,Ltd.
The company is engaged in the trading of oil products, ranked top three in fuel oil volume import by private enterprise volume. The company is committed to be an expert in integration and optimization of oil supply chain to provide customers an overall solution. The company plans to set up a strong business information management system t...    [View details]