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Business Segments About us
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"Manufacturing is the foundation of a nation". Sedar started with trading and got involved in the energy industry after its trading business has matured. After years of focusing on the processing and production of related products like petroleum and petrochemicals, Sedar industry has gradually developed into a pillar industry which Sedar Group develops with priority.    
Nanchong Sedar Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nanchong Sedar Chemical Co., Ltd. is a key investment enterprise of Sichuan in 2005 supported by Nanchong Municipal Government, core business in deep processing project of liquefied petroleum gas. The company is a high-tech enterprise, "Little Giant" enterprise in SiChuan, growth-type SME, large taxpayer in 2007, and key taxpayer in 2008,...    [View details]
Sichuan Sedar Chemistry Co., Ltd.
As the PetroChina Sichuan Petrochemical downstream project of 10 million-ton oil refining and 800,000-ton ethylene downstream project. Sedar Chemistry Co., Ltd. nearly 700 million yuan in Chengdu petrochemical plant to implement processing projects of solvent oil with an output of 50,000 tons/year and produces 200,000 tons/year ethylene o...    [View details]