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Business Segments About us
Sedar Research Your current location: Home > Business Segments > Sedar Research
R & D is vital to the future of enterprises. Company would lose competitiveness without R & D With this, Sedar Group place great emphasis on R & D work. In addition to establishing R & D department, as well as constantly increasing R & D strength and investment, the company also conducts various cooperation with top domestic engineer institutes and higher scientific research institutions, as well as foreign first-class technology companies.    
KINGSDA(Chengdu) High-Tech Co., Ltd.
The company is mainly engaged LPG deep processing, and R & D, technical services and technology transfer of ethylene oxide non-glycol derivatives, as well as trading of petrochemical products. It has been certified as a national high-tech enterprise. The company is committed to the establishment of chemicals management platform to create ...    [View details]
Sichuan Sedar Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Sichuan Sedar Energy Development Co., Ltd. is a design engineering company specialized in onshore pipeline, project planning, consulting, design and measurement of oil and gas storages, oil and gas processing and gas project in municipals, EPC general contracting, project management and technical services. Meanwhile, company also conducts...    [View details]
Sichuan Sedar Fine Chemicals Research Center
Sichuan Sedar Refine Chemicals Research Center has two laboratories: ethoxylation synthesis laboratory and application laboratory. Its R & D center covers an area of 795.6 square meters with a floor area of 2386 square meters, and equipped with modern experimental facilities and advanced detection equipments, including six-bit parallel sy...    [View details]