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Corporate Culture About us
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  • Safety view:
    –Safety first: Nothing is important if there is no safety.
    –Safety responsibility: Production safety is everyone's responsibility.
    –Safety precaution: Safety values in advance and devalues afterwards.
    –Safety investment: One investment for three times return on safety.
    –Safety guarantee: Safety should be to laid equal emphasis on - responsibility is the soul of safety and standardization is the foundation of safety.
  • Quality view:
    –Quality is the life of an enterprise.
    –Quality is the spirit of of excellence and perfection.
    –Quality is based on standardization, process and systematism.
    –Quality is achieved from design rather than detection.Quality should be focused on the source and process control. Final quality should be exempted from inspection.
  • Risk view:
    –Disk and return: Risk is proportional to income. We shoud take on some risk and obtain corresponding benefits through risk management.
    –Disk and ability: Risk is inversely proportional to human ability. The stronger the ability is, the smaller the risk is. When the risk is beyond the control of ability, it means playing with fire.
    –Disk and management: Risk should be managed. The eternal theme of Sedar management is to improve its capability to manage risk.
  • Technology view:
    –Technology is productivity and core competitiveness of an enterprise.
    –We agree that technology is vital to the industry.
    –The fiercest competition between entity enterprises lies in patent dispute.
    –We pursue technical patents tolead the industry trend.
  • R & D view:
    –R & D significance: R & D is the future of an enterprise. If there is no R & D, enterprise would lack long-lasting competitiveness.
    –R & D feature: R & D aims to explore the unknown world requiring large investment and allowed failure.
    –R & D spirit: R & D needs continuous investment and unremitting spirit.
    –R & D direction: R & D should be a platform development conducted in an open and integrated manner.