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  Sedar Group has been committed to promoting healthy development of industry, so its member companies actively join relevant industry associations, actively participate in the development of industry norms and standards, and actively promote knowledge sharing and discussion and make an unremitting effort to create a favorable market environment for long-term development of the industry with associations.

  Related industry associations are as follows:
GOLDSTAR(Chengdu) High-Tech Co., Ltd.
Vice-chairman of China Chamber of
Commerce for Petroleum Industry
Member of Shandong Fuel Oil Association

Sichuan Sedar Energy Development Co., Ltd.
Director of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association
Member of China Gas Association
Member of Sichuan Gas Association

Chengdu CentralAsia International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Member of Sichuan International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA)
Director of Sichuan Modern Logistics Association
Member of Sichuan Foreign Economic Cooperation Chamber of Commerce

Nanchong Sedar Chemical Co., Ltd.
Executive director of Nanchong Entrepreneurs Association
Director of Nanchong Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs Association