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Welcome to Sedar About us
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In 2016
In September,Sedar Petroleum & Natural Gas was selected in 2016 "Chengdu Top Hundred Enterprises" list.
In July,Sedar chemical polyether for polycarboxylate superplasticizer and surfactant were inclued in "Chengdu famous brand high-quality products recommended list".
In April,Sedar Chemical 100,000 tons/year ethylene oxide derivatives project control effect(final acceptance) on occupational hazards has been successfully appraised by the experts.
In Arpil,Sedar Chemical was awarded "Peng ZHou 2015-Advanced Industrial Company".
In 2015
In December,Sedar Chemical and Liaoning Oxiranchem, Inc signed a strategic collaboration framework agreement.
In November,Sedar Chemical's plant safety facilities design articles had been reviewed and approved by experts.
In September,The top 100 best companies in Chengdu in 2015 was released and Sedar Petroleum & Natural Gas Deverlopment (Sichuan) Co.,Ltd performance was outstanding.
In Stepember,The CentralAsian logistics was rated as one of the annual top 100 logistics enterprises in 2014-2015 at the West.
In April,Sedar Group had officially launch English version on website.
In February, Sedar Chemistry was awarded “Best Application” by Yonyou Up.
In Februeary, Sedar Group “”New Power Plan” was awarded “2014 Elite Care Promotion”.
In 2014
In January, "Sedar People" was expanded.
From March to June, Sedar Group New Power Training Program was implemented.
In March, Sedar Chemistry was awarded “Advanced Unit of Key Projects in 2013”.
In May, Sedar volunteer team was founded.
In June, CentralAsia Logistics obtained ISO14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification and OHSAS18001:2007 Occupation Health Safety Management System Certification based on the original certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System.
In June, Sedar Chemistry obtained the patent of “Ethoxylation Reaction Heat Recovery Equipment”.
In July, Sedar Chemical technical octane project with processing capacity of 160,000 tons/year was listed as special provincial key projec of strategic emerging industry.
In July, Sedar Energy obtained the certificate of “Class-A Qualification of Municipal Industry Urban Gas Project” issued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development.
In August, Sedar Energy was selected as “Top 20 High-Tech and High Growth Enterprises of 2014 DDT - Chengdu”.
In August, Sedar Chemistry ethylene oxide non-glycol derivative deep processing project was put into operation.
In October, Sedar Energy was selected as “Top 50 High-Tech and High Growth Enterprises of 2014 DDT” and ranked No.7.
In October, Sedar Chemical second-phase project (n- Butane Isomerization) passed project approval review.
In December, Kingsda was selected as a large enterprise group cultivated in Chengdu in 2014.
In December, CentralAsia Logistics was elected as a director of Sichuan Modern Logistics Association.
In 2013
In March, "Sedar People", an internal magazine of Sedar Group was officially issued.
From March to June, Sedar-HP Pillar Plan——a project of senior Executive leadership promotion was implemented.
In April, Kingsda was awarded “Top Hundred Taxpayer Enterprises of Xiaojiahe Street in 2012”.
In May, Sedar Chemical technical octane project with processing capacity of 160,000 tons/year was put into production.
In June, CentralAsia Logistics became a member of Sichuan Foreign Economic Cooperation Chamber of Commerce.
In June, Hong Wei, an employee of Sedar Chemical, was awarded “National Model Worker of Petroleum and Chemical Industry”.
In September, CentralAsia Logistics was awarded “AA Level Logistics Enterprise”.
In 2012
In January, Sedar Energy passed management system certifications of quality/environmental/occupational health and safety.
In April, Sichuan Sedar Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded, and ethylene oxide deep processing project was authorized as the key project from 2012 to 2014 in Chengdu.
In June, Sedar Chemical was awarded first prize of scientific and technological progress in Nanchong.
In August, CentralAsia Logistics formally joined the major customers of railway freight in China.
In September, Chengdu Petrochemical Jintie Warehouse Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded.
In December, Sichuan Sedar Fine Chemicals Research Center was established.
In 2011
From June to September, conducted integration project of Sedar Group strategy implementation in cooperation with CN Company.
From September to October, implemented strategic compensation performance project in cooperation with Taihe Consulting to start a group control.
In 2010, CentralAsia Logistics passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.
In 2009
Chengdu CentralAsia International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded.
Obtained high-tech enterprise certification.
In 2008, accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).
In 2007, selected as large enterprise group cultivated in Chengdu.
In 2006
Sedar Chemical installed liquefied petroleum gas processing equipments with a processing capacity of 70,000 tons/year and polypropylene production equipment with an output of 30,000 tons/year.
KINGSDA(Chengdu) High-Tech Co., Ltd. was founded.
Sichuan Sedar Energy Development Co., Ltd. was founded.
In 2005
Successively received honors like "large taxpayer" and "advanced unit".
Nanchong Sedar Chemical Co., Ltd., a key attracting investment enterprise invited by Nanchong Municipal, was founded.
In 2001, Sedar was incorporated in Chengdu high-tech district, Sichuan.

Sincerity can make metal and stone crack.
We look forward to conduct a sincere cooperation for mutual development with friends at home and abroad!