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Welcome to Sedar About us
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  "Sedar" translated from Chinese as "rock solid to reach a perfection with honesty", which means a rock-solid platform should be built to achieve win-win state in the spirit of good faith called "complete sincerity can even shift metal and stone ".

  Sedar logo is designed with "square" and "circle". "Square" implies upright, steady and rock-solid; "circle" implies harmonious, peaceful and accessible.
  Smooth, and continuous are combined and gathered towards one direction, like a blooming flower from far, symbolizing "vigorous and unified" Sedar people and "steadily developing with splendid light".
  Red symbolizes passion, determination, innovation and health; blue symbolizes precision, intelligence, professionalism and safety; the two colors compliments each other, like interconverting Yin and Yang, which means that Sedar will and comply to law in achieving everlasting goals for all parties.

Moral of “stone” in Sedar character
  A stone exists in heaven and earth. It is natural, silent and solid with a permanent path up and down to nature, so Sedar thrives.

  Stone character. Stone is a magical creation from the nature with rich and distinct character. First, it is true and honest. Even if there is fraud and hypocrisy in the society, it still behaves itself. Second, it is steady and calm. Even if there is noisy in the world, it still keeps calm and free. Third, it is hard and strong. Even if there is extremely pressure on top, it still stands as usual. Fourth, it is eternal and permanent. Even if there are ups and downs, it still stands fast.
  "Stone" has the same meaning as "Shi". "Shi" also has rich connotations and good moral: honest, true, practical, solid, strong, real, unpretentious, down to earth, sincere and realistic ......
  The character can be used to refer to Sedar people: honest and real; practical and down-to-earth; natural and calm in prosperity; solid and flexible in adversity....... With such character, Sedar people will certainly make great achievements in career and life.