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Corporate Culture About us
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Core value: Customer value, innovation, honesty and openness, respectful cooperation, continuous improvement, sharing best practices

Customer value:
Customer orientation: Customer demand is the driving force of Sedar development, and the sole reason for Sedar existence is to maximise value for customers.
Customer standard: Customer value is the goal of our work and also the measurement of our work quality.
Customer return: We get a reasonable return by providing customers with products and services exceeding their expectations.

Profession innovation:
Professionals is the foundation of Sedar, and professionalism is our faith. Only with profession can we survive. 

Innovation is our path to victory, and continuous innovation is our pursuit. Only with innovation can we grow. 

Professional innovation means: We should learn to gain more knowledge and better skills; we should be more prospective in thinking; More practical and trained with stronger will.

Honesty and openness:
Honesty means that a person should be broad, upright, and open.
Openness refers to transparent rather than closed and standardization than fraud.
Only with honesty and openness, justice and equity can work; only with honesty and openness, mutual trust and reciprocity can work.

Respectful cooperation:
We respect the independent personality and intelligence of employees and regard them as the greatest company asset.
We promotes family-like cooperation between employees to create a comfortable atmosphere.
We respect each other and work together to create value for customers.

Continuous improvement:
We adhere to the principle of "Nothing such as best, only better " to continuously improve current status.
We pursue the goal of "keep improving for perfection" and to make progress every day.
Sharing win-win:
We have a common growth concept to create material and spiritual wealth and share business development results.
We pursue a quality, moral and responsible growth in harmony and win-win with customers, society and nature.

The two starting points of enterprise strategy refer to customers and employees.
Customer value refers to the relationship between enterprise and customer, we exist for customers.
Professional innovation refers to the relationship between work and Sedar. We create customer values through innovation.
Honesty and openness refers to the relationship between colleagues and Sedar. We are honest and open with each other to form a team.
Respectful cooperation refers to the relationship between team and Sedar. We strengthen our team through respectful cooperation.
Sharing win-win refers to the relationship between enterprise and various parties. Our goal is to achieve success through sharing.
Continuous improvement refers to the relationship between present and future. We achieve our goal through continuous improvement.