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Corporate Culture About us
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Mission: Championing green chemical industry and enriching healthy life

• Vision: To become a admired world -class energy and chemical enterprise 

– Respected:

• To our employees, we are committed to setting up a platform and would give full commitment to their talents, so everyone can realize their potential with aenriching life in Sedar
• To our customers, we are committed in providing high-valued products and services to improve customer profitability and continuously enrich people a healthy life
• For society, we are committed in leading a green chemical industry focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development to promote socialcohesive with high sense of responsibility and public spirit

– World-class:

• First-class influence: With a considerable scale, to achieve world class in some sector, with global influence
• First-class management: Combining modern management with national culture, exporting management mode to the world
• First-class environment: Attracting various top talents around the world to work at Sedar