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Welcome to Sedar About us
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  Established in 2001, Sedar has became well known nationwide as a private petrochemical enterprise focusing on trading fuel oil, bitumen mixture and other petroleum products. Sedar also diversifies into industrial alkylate, non-ionic sufactants, polycarboxylate superplasticizer polyether monomer, solvents and research into new products. Multimode international logistics network and gas field design engineering, natural gas piping design, urban gas piping engineering work.

  Sedar’s subsidiaries were acknowledged for national high technologist, accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Through quality, environment and safety (QES) management system, group exceeded RMB5billion sales revenue in 2014. Key enterprise in ChengDu, Sedar is also one of the largest taxpayer and appointed by Chinese Central Government as Pilot Private Enterprise Development Corporation.

  Company persistent on high techonology production, advance manufacturing and services, leading with trading oil products, research and development in oil & gas industry, engineering natural gas production as guidelines of group’s direction, leading to diversification and expanding internationally.

  Sedar employs hundreds of employee who have in depth knowledge of the industry. We focus on petrochemical sector, maximizing client’s value and continuous improvement to become leading global enterprise.

  We in Sedar strive to become leader in environmental friendly petrochemical industry, enriching healthy lifestyle and to become world class petrochemical corporation.